Art Direction • Content Creation • Photography
Elevated Popeyes social media presence through creative content and engaging videos.

Agency: GUT
Art Director: Alec Plourde
Copywriter: Ryan Morejon
Content Creator Partner: Jack Underwood


As the lead content creator for Popeyes' social media accounts, I collaborated with the content team to craft an engaging online presence. From brainstorming content concepts to directing photoshoots and editing short-form videos, I played a pivotal role in curating a dynamic and irresistible social media experience for Popeyes.

Our content strategy embraced versatility, encompassing evergreen content, real-time reactions, high-profile campaigns, and a meticulously planned monthly content calendar. We actively contributed to campaign success by crafting compelling narratives and visuals that amplified brand awareness and product launches.

• AdAge Article | Popeyes Harry Styles

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